Everyone should make a Will, no matter what size of estate you have, as it is the only way to ensure your property and possessions go to those you wish after your death.

If you do not leave a Will, it can cause a great deal more work for relatives at an already stressful time.

Once you have made a Will, it is important you keep it up to date as life changes, such as marriage or the arrival of grandchildren, as these things may affect your wishes.

Once you have looked after your family and friends, please think about leaving a gift to Beamish Park Golf Club.

A gift in your will would not only help our historic club secure its future but would be a nice way to provide a lasting mark of your connection with us and it costs you nothing during your lifetime.
Your legacy could be left in several different forms, for example:

• Residuary legacy: part of your estate remaining after family and friends have been looked after
• Pecuniary legacy: a lump sum of money
• Specific items: property, jewellery, antiques, or shares.

If you have already made a will, then you can either re-write it to include a gift to Beamish Park Golf Club, or, more simply, you can create a ‘codicil’ that will add your wishes to the existing document. Because we are constituted as a Community Amateur Sports Club, there should be no inheritance tax liabilities on any bequests made to the club.

We recommend consulting a solicitor or will advisor to ensure that all the legal formalities are correctly followed.

If you would like an initial chat to talk about how you arrange to leave something to the club, then please feel free to contact the office who will take your details and pass them to the finance director of Beamish Park Golf Club in complete confidence.